Halek Charities Putting Community First

Posted by Admin | March 24th, 2012

Halek Charities: Putting Community First
For Jason Halek, the needs of the world begin at home. While his not-for-profit organization, Halek Charities, includes worldwide outreach among the over 30 charitable interests they support, Jason Halek’s true passion is attending to the needs of children, the disabled and the elderly right here in Texas.

Of special concern to Jason Halek is the welfare of children. Halek’s organization supports the work of others bringing health care to underprivileged children from a variety of backgrounds. Most notably, Halek Charities distributes large donations for the continued operation of three Texas children’s hospitals. One of these hospitals Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children was established by the Masons in 1921 to provide treatment for children with polio. Since then the hospital has established a long tradition of treating childhood orthopedic conditions regardless of the family’s ability to pay. Texas Scottish Rite Hospital has now become a world leader in the treatment of pediatric orthopedic conditions and continues to rely on donations from organizations and individuals like Jason Halek in order to provide care to every child who needs their help.

The philanthropy of Halek Charities reaches beyond care for children. One of Halek’s personally treasured projects is the work Halek Charities does with Meals on Wheels. In addition to funding many of the operations at the Tarrant County location in Texas, Jason Halek‚Äôs staff volunteer with Meals on Wheels by running delivery routes.

Money is easy to give. Jason Halek and his organization go beyond simply giving in order to serve their community.